Ecology and Plant Geography
Umesh Kumar
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Hydraulic City: Water And The Infrastructures Of C…
Nikhil Anand
Rs 856
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Ecological Health of Sundarbans and its Management…
Abhijit Mitra, Harekrishna Jan…
Rs 2071
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River Ecosystem Dynamics Hardback
Dr Resham Bhalla and Dr Pawan …
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Environment Reader for Universities: India's most …
Edited by Richard Mahapatra, S…
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Ecofeminism (Women's Agency for Generating Employm…
Dr Tanuja Trivedi
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Sanitation in India (A Socio-Cultural Study) Natio…
Prof. Binod Kumar Choudhary
Rs 1440
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Environmental Law and Policy Hardback
Edited by Chitta Ranjan Gogoi
Rs 636
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Weather Prediction by Numerical Process (reprint E…
Lewis Fry Richardson
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Ground Water Manual: A Water Resources Technical P…
U S Department of the Interior
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Ecology, Ethology and Toxicology
Vinod Pradhan
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Environment as Capsule: All About Environment Educ…
Dr S K Nanda IAS
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