Sustainable Development, Environmental Issues and …
Edited by Atiqur Rahman, Lubna…
Rs 1480
Rs 1850
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Environmental Pollution Climate Change and Altered…
Arun Arya, V S Patel, M Agrawa…
Rs 3461
Rs 4495
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Mizoram: Environment, Development and Climate Chan…
Edited by V P Sati
Rs 1971
Rs 2495
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Handbook of Water Resources in India: Development,…
Edited by John Briscoe and R P…
Rs 1140
Rs 1295
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Brahmaputra: The Strategic Water Resource of India
Vithiyapathy Purushothaman
Rs 437
Rs 520
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Environment and Society for Sustainability: Awaren…
Dr Ashok K Rathore, Dr Rupesh …
Rs 1309
Rs 1700
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Environmental Legislation and Policy
Prof (Dr) R K Khitoliya
Rs 3000
Rs 4000
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Fundamentals of Ecology and Environment
Prof (Dr) R K Khitoliya
Rs 3750
Rs 5000
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Sanitation for the Urban Poor in Indian Cities: Is…
Edited by Abha Lakshmi Singh a…
Rs 2173
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Environmental Justice in India: A Study on Endosul…
Biveesh U C
Rs 1600
Rs 2000
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Irrigation Institutions Under Large Multi-Village …
Dr K Sivasubramaniyan
Rs 1084
Rs 1390
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Integrated Mineral Hydrocarbon Resources Mapping, …
D C Mishra
Rs 2495
Rs 2495
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