Pharmacology for Medical Undergraduates
Prasan R Bhandari
Rs 619
Rs 695
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Pharmacology ki Pathya Pustak (Textbook of Pharmac…
Dr A K Sharma
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Pharmacotechnology: From Health to Wealth & Future…
Edited by Dr Parjanya Kumar Sh…
Rs 944
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Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacology Paperback
Bhavana Srivastava and Sanjay …
Rs 295
Rs 295
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Pharmocracy: Value, Politics, and Knowledge in Glo…
Kaushik Sunder Rajan
Rs 964
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Physical Pharmacy and Instrumental Methods of Anal…
Mymoona Akhter and M. Mumtax A…
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Physicochemical Principles in Pharmaceutics (Hardb…
Dr. (Mrs.) Jasmine Gev Avari
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Physiology: Made Easy Paperback
A K Basak
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Phytochemicals for Diabetic Complications
Ciddi Veeresham and Ajmera Ram…
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Practical Hints to Clinical Electrocardiography (R…
C R Maiti and N Goswami
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Practical Manual of Forensic Medicine and Toxicolo…
C P Bhaisora
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Practical Manual of Obstetrics
Amitava Pal and Rupali Modak
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