International Boundaries in North-East India: Comm…
Bibhash Dhar and Ganesh Ch. Oj…
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Rs 450
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Socio-Economic Profile of Rural India (Series III)…
Edited by C. Ashokvardhan and …
Rs 1280
Rs 1600
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Constraint and Challenges to Social Science Resear…
Edited by L. S. Gassah, C. J. …
Rs 1116
Rs 1395
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The Exodus is Not Over: Migrations from the Ruptur…
Nandita Haksar
Rs 298
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Drug Abuse
Dr B P Sahu
Rs 520
Rs 650
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Folklore in North East India: Continuity and Chang…
Dr Ranga Rajan Das
Rs 796
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Beleaguered Nation: The Making and Unmaking of the…
Sajal Nag
Rs 1356
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Social Exclusion Marginalisation and Deprivation i…
Edited by Dr Thiyam Bharat Sin…
Rs 1196
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Sequences in Development in North East India (A St…
Edited by J B Bhattacharjee
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The Economy of Assam & Its Employment Policy
Dr Apurba Saikia
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Anthropology in North East India: Empirical Perspe…
K Jose SVD, Gautam K Bera and …
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The Bishnupriya Manipuris in North East India: Soc…
Harendra Sinha
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