Mahila Vidhi Evam Sashaktikaran (Hindi)
Harish Kumar Goyal
Rs 512
Rs 595
14% off
Islamic Law of Divorce: Remedying the Malady and t…
Furqan Ahmad
Rs 992
Rs 1195
17% off
Women Entrepreneurship in the Indian Middle Class:…
Jeemol Unni, Vanita Yadav, Rav…
Rs 935
Rs 1075
13% off
Women in Household Economy
Edited by Archana Sinha
Rs 968
Rs 1100
12% off
Raah se Bhatakata Purush: Nari Vimarsh (Hindi)
Dr K S Bhardwaj
Rs 600
Rs 600
0% off
Crime against Women and Children
S M Sungoh and B P Sahu
Rs 988
Rs 1250
21% off
Her-Self: Gender and Early Writings of Malayali Wo…
Translated from Malayalam and …
Rs 584
Rs 695
16% off
Talking of Power: Early Writings of Bengali Women
Edited by Malini Bhattacharya …
Rs 630
Rs 750
16% off
Nari Utthan me Badhak Ling Bhaidh (Hindi)
Kalpana Kumari
Rs 675
Rs 750
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Muchi Women, Marginalization and Politics: A Docum…
Ruman Sutradhar
Rs 698
Rs 895
22% off
A Party for Thaera: Palstinian Women Write Life in…
Edited by Haifa Zagnana
Rs 255
Rs 300
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Transgender Rights: Identity and Mobility
Dr Madhusudhan B
Rs 520
Rs 650
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