Voices from Beyond Recovering the Prophetic Voice …
Edited by Thomas Karimundackal…
Rs 522
Rs 600
13% off
Pastor's Handbook: The Church of North India (Thir…
Synod Executive Committee
Rs 240
Rs 240
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Discovering Jesus
Harsh Mahaan Cairae
Rs 280
Rs 295
5% off
Christian History and Historiography: A Study of O…
Sadananda Nayak
Rs 680
Rs 850
20% off
The Year of the Lord's Favor: Eclectic Musings and…
James Kalong
Rs 630
Rs 750
16% off
In the Middle of Things: Hyphenating Life with Phi…
Victor Ferrao Edited by Gargi …
Rs 504
Rs 600
16% off
Table Talks of Jesus: Didactics of Reversals in th…
James Kalong
Rs 468
Rs 550
15% off
Christian Ethics and New Horizons
M Stephen
Rs 546
Rs 650
16% off
Witnessing Together: Forty Years of Ecumenical The…
Edited by Fr Dr Jose John
Rs 225
Rs 225
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The Church of 'The Poor': A Liberating Ecclesiolog…
Raphael Vellankanni
Rs 361
Rs 425
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Constructing Counter-Culture Through Liberation Th…
Mathew Thekkemuriyil Antony
Rs 301
Rs 350
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Tribal Christology: An Inclusive Approach
Paolen Haokip
Rs 668
Rs 795
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