The 'Spring Thunder' And Kolkata: An Epic Story of…
Amit Bhattacharyya
Rs 250
Rs 250
0% off
The 9/11 Generation: Youth, Rights, and Solidarity…
Sunaina Marr Maira
Rs 846
Rs 995
15% off
The Age of Jihad: Islamic State and the Great War …
Patrick Cockburn
Rs 836
Rs 995
16% off
The Al-Qaeda Organization and the Islamic State Or…
Paul Kamolnick
Rs 1000
Rs 1250
20% off
The Bard of Blood: The Secret War in Balochistan i…
Bilal Siddiqi
Rs 263
Rs 299
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The Bomber Mafia: A Story Set in War
Malcolm Gladwell
Rs 695
Rs 799
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The Challenge of Nuclear Terror (Paperback)
Sitakanta Mishra
Rs 400
Rs 460
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The Counterinsurgency Challenge: A Parable of Lead…
Christopher D Kolenda Foreword…
Rs 626
Rs 695
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The Criminal Mind in the Age of Globalization (Har…
Saron Messembe Obia
Rs 748
Rs 850
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The Culture of Global Jihad: Character, Future and…
Dr M Ratnakar
Rs 1196
Rs 1595
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The Devils Rebirth: the Terror Triangle óf Hezboll…
Edited by Noor Dahri
Rs 1262
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The Dirty Dozen: Hitmen of the Mumbai Underworld
Gabriel Khan
Rs 0
Rs 0
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