The Making of 'Cash Maoism' in Nepal: A Thabangi P…
Pawan Patel
Rs 760
Rs 950
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The Military's Role in Counterterrorism: Examples …
Geraint Hughes
Rs 536
Rs 595
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The Missing Martyrs: Why Are There So Few Muslim T…
Charles Kurzman
Rs 638
Rs 750
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The Psychology of a Patriot
Saket Suman
Rs 257
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The Rohingyas: Inside Myanmar's Hidden Genocide
Azeem Ibrahim
Rs 515
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The Savage Hills: A Tale of Terror and Revenge in …
Abhay Narayan Sapru
Rs 266
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The Security State in Pakistan: Legal Foundations
Syed Sami Raza
Rs 572
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The Silent Coup: A History of India's Deep State
Josy Joseph
Rs 594
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The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of P…
A.S. Dulat, |Asad Durrani and …
Rs 679
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The Syrian Jihad: Al-Qaeda, The Islamic State and …
Charles R. Lister
Rs 1556
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The Three Pillars of Radicalization: Needs, Narrat…
Arie W Kruglanski, Jocelyn J B…
Rs 2171
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