Biochemistry and Therapeutic Applications of Medic…
Murtaza Abid, Dr M Abid Ali Kh…
Rs 2100
Rs 2800
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Asceticism and Healing in Ancient India: Medicine …
Kenneth G Zysk
Rs 605
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Herbal Drug Formulation and Standardization
Alekh Niranjan Sahu and Debada…
Rs 1241
Rs 1495
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Folklore Herbs of Manipur: Phytopharmacology Addit…
Devi Datt Joshi
Rs 2788
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The Herbal Wealth of North East India (Hardback)
Edited by Bapan Banik and Mana…
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The Complete Herbal: To Which is Now Added, Upward…
Nicholas Culpeper
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Herbs for Beauty: Revealing Ayurvedic Treasures
Prakash Paranjpe and Smita Par…
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Seed Spices
Gopal Lal, S S Meena, P N Dube…
Rs 1023
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Practice of Folk Medicine in Sub-Himalayan Bengal:…
Dr Rup Kumar Barman
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Nature and Nutrition: A New Era of Therapeutic Her…
A K Mohiuddin
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Essentials of Herbal Options
Tapan Kumar Chatterjee
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Herbal and Aromatic Plants: Piper Betle: Betel
Himadri Panda
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