Girmitiyas: The Making of their Memory-Keepers fro…
Edited by Brij V Lal
Rs 1260
Rs 1595
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Role of Gorkhas in Consolidation of British Rule i…
Anjalee Muktan Shangpliang
Rs 630
Rs 750
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Celebrating India @ 75 (Synod College, Shillong)
David Arnold Kharchandy and Ke…
Rs 1541
Rs 1950
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Opium Inc: How a Global Drug Trade Funded the Brit…
Thomas Manuel
Rs 509
Rs 599
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Dr Sailen Debnath
Rs 1936
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FALSE ALLIES : India’s Maharajahs in the Age of Ra…
Manu S Pillai
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Indians in London: From the Birth of the East Indi…
Arup K Chatterjee
Rs 1117
Rs 1299
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Faith, War and Slavery: A History of the Colonial …
Patricia Teixeira Santos and S…
Rs 1181
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Famines and Famine Relief: An Andhra Zamindari in …
K S S Seshan
Rs 672
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The Truths and Lies of Nationalism: As Narrated by…
Partha Chatterjee
Rs 692
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The Middle Class in Colonial Malabar: A Social His…
Sreejith K
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India and the Silk Roads: The History of a Trading…
Jagjeet Lally
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