The Tahsildar in District Administration
Dr Krutartha Chandra Mishra
Rs 975
Rs 1250
22% off
Bharat ki Naukarshahi: Ek Bimar Tantra (Maulik Sud…
Kaptan Singh
Rs 846
Rs 995
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The Sovereign: Sprouts of Good Governance
Dr Kislay Panday
Rs 630
Rs 750
16% off
Decoding Indian Babudom
Ashwini Shrivastava
Rs 431
Rs 495
13% off
Effectiveness of Habitation based planning in Tami…
G Palanithurai
Rs 779
Rs 950
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The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times: A Civil Ser…
Gyanendra Srivastava
Rs 225
Rs 225
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Delhi Master Plan 2021: Reader Friend
Aqil Ahmed, Vijay Singh and Yo…
Rs 984
Rs 1200
18% off
Perspectives on Public Administration
Dr Suprita Dash
Rs 1140
Rs 1500
24% off
Contested Homelands: Politics of Space and Identit…
Nazima Parveen
Rs 1104
Rs 1299
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No Land's People: The Untold Story of Assam's NRC …
Abhishek Saha
Rs 503
Rs 599
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Diminishing India: Decades of Brazen Political Apa…
B R Taneja and Rakesh Duda
Rs 500
Rs 595
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Bharat me Lok Prabandhan (Hindi)
Nishant Jain, IAS and Dr.G L S…
Rs 307
Rs 345
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