The Political Monuments: Footfalls of Manipuri His…
L Memo Singh and Maheshsana Ra…
Rs 1346
Rs 1495
10% off
Missiological Understanding on Clean Election in N…
Eyingbemo M. Odyuo
Rs 420
Rs 500
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Reflections on the Evolution of Kashmiri Language …
Mohi-ud-Din Hajini Translated …
Rs 250
Rs 250
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Baharistan-I-Shahi: A Chronicle of Mediaeval Kashm…
Kashinath Pandit
Rs 672
Rs 800
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State in Medieval Kashmir (Second Edition)
Rattan Lal Hangloo
Rs 865
Rs 1095
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Kashmir Looking Back in Time: Politics, Culture, H…
Khalid Bashir Ahmad
Rs 786
Rs 995
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Medieval Kashmir (The Rajataranginis of Jonaraja, …
Edited by S L Sadhu
Rs 796
Rs 995
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Ecumenical Voices: Anthology of NEICC Papers
Edited by B J Syiemlieh, Roger…
Rs 723
Rs 850
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Arunachal Pradesh: Ateet se Vartman Tak (Hindi)
Edited by Dr Raman Shandilya a…
Rs 630
Rs 750
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History of Trade and Commerce in Manipur 15th to 1…
Moirangthem Suresh Singh
Rs 798
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Narrative Cultures of North East India: Traditions…
Edited by Arzuman Ara, Dhurjja…
Rs 664
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