RAJ KAPOOR: The Master at Work
Rahul Rawail and Pranika Sharm…
Rs 587
Rs 699
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SATYAJIT RAY: Beyond the Frame (Revised Edition)
Surabhi Banerjee
Rs 356
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Tollygunge to Tollywood: The Bengali Film Industry…
Anugyan Nag and Spandan Bhatta…
Rs 661
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Uttam Kumar: A Life in Cinema
Sayandeb Chowdhury
Rs 1078
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Healing at the Movies: How Indian Films Can Educat…
Gajra Kottary and Ridhi Sarda
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Hindi Sahitya, Cinema aur Filmakan (Hindi)
Dr Ispak Ali and Dr Jinsi Math…
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Cinemas Dark and Slow in Digital India
Lalitha Gopalan
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Reel India: Cinema off the Beaten Track
Namrata Joshi
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Jubilee Kumar: The Life and Times of a Superstar
Seema Sonik Alimchand
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The Three Khans and the Emergence of New India
Kaveree Bamzai
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Provincializing Bollywood: Bhojpuri Cinema in the …
Akshay Kumar
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