Religiosity, Secularity, Scientific Temper and Wel…
Dr Anirudh Prasad and Dr Chand…
Rs 836
Rs 995
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An Oriental Mission for Global Vision
Dr Shubha Chandra Mishra
Rs 936
Rs 1200
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DHARMA: The Essential Properties of Man
Ranjit Kumar Barman
Rs 720
Rs 960
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Asiatic Mythology: A Detailed Description and Expl…
J Hacking, Clement Huart, Raym…
Rs 2695
Rs 3500
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Prachin Bharat ke Pramukh Dharam (Hindi) Hardback
Dr Shailendra Kumar Mishra
Rs 540
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Major Religious Traditions in India: An Introducti…
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The World Religions Reader (2nd Edition) Paperback
Edited by Gwilym Beckerlegge
Rs 2246
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Understanding Cultural Tradition (Hardback)
David B Zilberman
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Governing the Sacred: Political Toleration in Five…
Yuval Jobani and Nahshon Perez
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Rs 1100
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Father of God (Paperback)
Ajay Mishra
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Turbulent Transformations: Non-Brahmin Srivaisnava…
Katherine Young
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Religion-State Relations and Family Rights (Festsc…
Edited by Justice Jaspal Singh…
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