Novel and Sustainable Strategies for Nematode Mana…
P Parvatha Reddy
Rs 3350
Rs 4295
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Ayan Mondal, Debomay Chanda, A…
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Butterflies of Pirpanjal Range of Kashmir Himalaya
Sajad Hussain Parey and Taslim…
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Scale Insects Control (Hardback)
Mohamed Abdel Raheem & Jitamon…
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Natural Enemies of Insect Pests (Hardback)
Prof (Dr) Mohamed Abdel-Raheem…
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Tea Mites of the World (Diversity, Bioecology, Man…
Salil K Gupta and Kinkar Saha
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Butterfly Gardening: Theory and Practice (Hardback…
George Mathew and Elizabeth Ge…
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Fundamentals of Beekeeping (Hardback)
Hari Chand, Anil Kumar and Nag…
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Faunal Diversity of Agroecosystems in India
Kailash Chandra, P C Pathania,…
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Principles and Practices of Apiculture (Hardback)
D Elumalai, C Mohan, B Poovizh…
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Modern Entomology (Second Edition) Hardback
D B Tembhare
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Practicals in Basic Entomology (Hardback)
T V Sathe, P M Bhoje and Vaish…
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