Principles and Practices of Weed Management
R K Mathukia and Ram A Jat
Rs 1800
Rs 2000
10% off
Sugarcane Crop Management Practices in India
S N Singh, T K Srivastava, A D Pathak and Pushpa S…
Rs 1128
Rs 1200
6% off
Environment, Weather Systems and Agriculture
G S Mahi and P K Kingra
Rs 940
Rs 1000
6% off
A Textbook on Pet Animal Management
Dr Devendra Kumar and Dr Prakash Bhatt
Rs 611
Rs 650
6% off
Experimental Zoology
Ramesh M Gejage and Manisha R Gejage
Rs 275
Rs 275
0% off
Conservation Agriculture: Approach and Application
Sankar Kr Acharya, Sreemoyee Bera, Cornea Saha, Pr…
Rs 1556
Rs 1995
22% off
Crooked Cats: Beastly Encounters in the Anthropoce…
Nayanika Mathur
Rs 424
Rs 499
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Toxicology of Insecticides
Dr S B Singh, Dr A K Badaya and Dr S N Upadhyay
Rs 1335
Rs 1690
21% off
A Textbook of Vermicompost: Vermiwash and Biopesti…
Dr Keshav Singh, Dr Gorakh Nath, Dr Rabish Chandra…
Rs 720
Rs 900
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Sustainable Livelihood: Options for Rural Communit…
M L Sharma, A K Gupta and M A Khan
Rs 1572
Rs 1990
21% off
Strawberry Production Economics and Value Chain An…
Shiv Prakash and Debashis Sarkar
Rs 672
Rs 850
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Sustainable Agriculture Water Management
Attia El Gayar and Joginder Singh
Rs 3198
Rs 4100
22% off
Agricultural Economics 2/Ed
R K Kulshreshtha, Amod Sharma and Pallavi
Rs 1576
Rs 1995
21% off
Technology and Growth for the Third World
S V Hariharan, Neelambar Hatti and Rameshwar Tando…
Rs 630
Rs 750
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Methods In Plant Biotechnology
K R Koundal
Rs 2396
Rs 2995
20% off
Feed Formulation and Cage culture of Pearlspot (Et…
Javed Amiri and S Felix
Rs 1971
Rs 2495
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Road Map for Fisheries & Aquaculture Development i…
S Felix and M Menaga
Rs 1813
Rs 2295
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A Complete Objectives Agriculture Book
Sevak Dhange, Shubhangi Ghadge, Prabhat Kumar, Mil…
Rs 1813
Rs 2295
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Intellectual Property Rights
Sandeep Kumar Singh, Harshal Ashok Avinashe, Nidhi…
Rs 2258
Rs 2895
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