Organic Farming Its Potential, Principles and Proc…
Nilufar Haque, Sheikh Asraf Hossain and Rajesh Kum…
Rs 948
Rs 1200
21% off
Objective of Seed Science and Technology
Mohammad Salman, Shivani Gupta, S.C, Vimal, Jyoti,…
Rs 1067
Rs 1350
21% off
Novel Extension Approaches For Reshaping Indian Ag…
U S Gautam, M S Nain, Dheeraj Mishra and Vister Jo…
Rs 1638
Rs 2100
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Mulberry Cultivation (Reprint, first published in …
R K Patnaik
Rs 1170
Rs 1500
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Handbook of Animal Husbandry
Rs 1800
Rs 2000
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Lesser Known Medicinal Plants Cultivation & Utiliz…
Raviraja Shetty G and Tamanna Arif
Rs 1734
Rs 2195
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The Economic and Heritage Plants of Kashmir Himala…
Dr Nazir Ahmad Zeerak
Rs 4616
Rs 5995
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Medicinal Plants of Madhya Pradesh
Dinesh Jadhav
Rs 1226
Rs 1495
18% off
Ethnomedicinal Plants of India
Dinesh Jadhav
Rs 2208
Rs 2795
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Microbial Physiology (Second Edition)
S Ram Reddy and S M Reddy
Rs 2336
Rs 2995
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Mango Cultivation and Processing
Kaushal Kumar Misra, Jitendra Chandra Chandola and…
Rs 1482
Rs 1900
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Introductory Plant Pathology
Virendra Kumar Singh
Rs 1617
Rs 2100
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Integrated Farming Systems and Sustainable Agricul…
Anant Kumar, Joginder Singh, Rashmi Nigam, Sanjay …
Rs 1716
Rs 2200
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Food Processing and Safety with Special Reference …
K Prasad, S K Singh and U Kumar
Rs 2603
Rs 3295
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Statistical Inference on the Life Time Models with…
Dr Gajraj Singh
Rs 630
Rs 750
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Environment Impact Assessment for Wetland Protecti…
V S Kulkarni, S N Kaul and R K Trivedy
Rs 960
Rs 1200
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Fruit and Vegetable Processing
Rs 1462
Rs 1850
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Indigenous Medicinal Specialities
U B Narayanrao
Rs 1552
Rs 1990
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Implications for Climate Smart Agriculture
Dr Wajid Hasan, Dr Sachin G Mundhe, Dr Abdul Majid…
Rs 2310
Rs 3000
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