Snakes in the Ganga: Breaking India 2.0
Rajiv Malhotra and Vijaya Viswanathan
Rs 752
Rs 895
16% off
Fungal Plant Pathogens in Agricultural Biotechnolo…
Dr Anju Rani and Dr Raj Singh
Rs 2366
Rs 2995
21% off
Agricultural Insect Pests and their Management
Rashmi Nigam, Joginder Singh, Rajendra Singh, Ashw…
Rs 0
Rs 0
22% off
Commercial Ornamental Crops Traditional and Loose …
R L Misra and Sanyat Misra
Rs 4436
Rs 5995
26% off
Commonly Used Ornamental Plants
R L Misra and Sanyat Misra
Rs 5916
Rs 7995
26% off
Remote Sensing and GIS in Natural Resource Managem…
Gouri Sankar Bhunia, Uday Chatterjee, Gopal Krishn…
Rs 1074
Rs 1395
23% off
Herbal Plants and Drugs
Dr Pratiksha Raghuvanshi
Rs 2396
Rs 2995
20% off
Advances in Stress Physiology of Plants
S K Panda
Rs 798
Rs 950
16% off
Environmental Issues of North East India (Reprint,…
Edited by Zahid Husain
Rs 1556
Rs 1995
22% off
Agri Entrepreneurship Opportunities
SB Das, SBR Nahatkar, Deep Pahalwan and Dhirendra …
Rs 1896
Rs 2400
21% off
Pests Management of Vegetable Crops
Dr Ladu Kishore Rath, Dr Anil Kumar and Susanta Ku…
Rs 1260
Rs 1595
21% off
Medicinal Plants of Bombay Presidency
S P Agharkar
Rs 1462
Rs 1850
21% off
Plant Anatomy (Revised Edition)
T Pullaiah, K C Naidu, K Lakshminarayana, B Hanuma…
Rs 2336
Rs 2995
22% off
Rubber Plantation in Tripura: Changing Livelihood
Raju Debbarma and Subrata Purkayastha
Rs 1556
Rs 1995
22% off
Advances in Biotechnology
Edited by Neelu N Nawani, Madhukar Khetmalas, P N …
Rs 2755
Rs 3095
11% off
Biotechnology of Orchids
Jayaram Reddy
Rs 1823
Rs 2095
13% off
Flowering Plants of Meghalaya A Pictorial Guide Pa…
K Upadhaya, K L Chaudhary, D K Roy, A H Mir and P …
Rs 1500
Rs 1500
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3D Printing Technology: Fundamentals and Applicati…
Prof H N Pandya
Rs 2761
Rs 3495
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Aspects of Micropaleontology
L Mahesh Bilwa
Rs 626
Rs 695
10% off
Farming System & Sustainable Agriculture
Alok Kumar Patra
Rs 1596
Rs 1995
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