Gateway to the Temple: A Manual of Tibetan Buddhis…
Chogye Trichen Rinpoche Transl…
Rs 1600
Rs 1600
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Two Illuminated Text Collections of Namgyal Monast…
Christian Luczanits and Markus…
Rs 3900
Rs 3900
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Buddha in Gandhara Art and other Buddhist Sites
Shanti Lal Nagar
Rs 4620
Rs 6000
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Connecting the Art, Literature, and Religion of So…
Edited by Ines Konczak-Nagel; …
Rs 7796
Rs 9995
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Studies in the History and Culture of Ancient Indi…
Edited by Birendra Nath Prasad
Rs 1313
Rs 1750
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Uttar Bharat me Baudh Dharm ke Vikas ka Aabhilekhi…
Dr Ramesh Prakash Chaturvedi
Rs 1502
Rs 1950
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Mysterious World of Siddhas
G K Lama
Rs 4015
Rs 5500
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The Kalacakra Tantra Volume 1
Niraj Kumar
Rs 2835
Rs 3500
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Monpas: Buddhists of the High Himalayas
Vinay Sheel Oberoi
Rs 2366
Rs 2995
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Traces of the Sarvastivadins in the Buddhist Monas…
Giuseppe Vignato, Satomi Hiyam…
Rs 5624
Rs 6695
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Catalogue of the Mongol Tanjur (2 Parts Vols l-IV)
Byambyn Rinchen Edited by Shas…
Rs 3600
Rs 4500
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The Cult of Adamantine Path
G K Lama
Rs 3375
Rs 4500
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