Pracheen Bharatiya Sikke (Ancient Indian Coins) Hi…
Dr Shiv Swarup Sahay
Rs 293
Rs 325
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Aspects of Ancient Indian Numismatics (Second Edit…
Prashant Srivastava
Rs 1755
Rs 2250
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Chitresvara-Siva Type Coins: Classification and At…
Devendra Handa
Rs 836
Rs 995
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Antiquities of Chinab Valley In Jammu (Vol-II)
Prof (Dr) P K Koul
Rs 1950
Rs 2500
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A Tale of Tea Tokens
S K Bose, Anjali Dutta and Jay…
Rs 2500
Rs 2500
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Mughal Numismatics: Revisiting Rarities New Perspe…
Mitresh Singh
Rs 2000
Rs 2000
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Ancient Indian Coins: A Comprehensive Catalogue
Wilfried Pieper
Rs 6160
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Telangana History: Based on Numismatic Source Mate…
D Raja Reddy
Rs 1170
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Pracheen Mudrao me Ankit Murtiya evam Prateek (San…
Dr Dhirendra Singh
Rs 1181
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The Currencies of the Hindu States of Rajputana
William Wilfrid Webb
Rs 898
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Treasures of the Guta Empire: A Catalogue of Coins…
Sanjeev Kumar
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Indian Coinage British India-Portuguese India Repu…
Sainath Reddappa
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Rs 1175
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