Horizon of Secondary Education in Arunachal Prades…
Boa Reena Tok
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Rs 995
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Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009: The Impact…
Parvis John
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Science Education In North-Eastern States of India…
Edited by Dr Nithiya Amirtham …
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Primary Education in Assam: Past, Present and Futu…
Poli Konwar
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Development of Secondary Teacher Education in Mani…
Dr Chingtham Tomba Singh
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Financing Higher Education in Tripura
Sanjoy Das, Kiran Sankar Chakr…
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Education of Marginalised Community: Issues, Polic…
Tarun Dutta
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Quality of Higher Education in Northeast India
Edited by Brinda Bazeley Kharb…
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Research Line (Manipur University Research Club)
Edited by Arambam Bebina Devi
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Academic Pressure and its Impact on Mental Health …
Eodia B Myrthong
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Education in North East India
Edited by Prof C Nongbri and D…
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Making of Quality Teachers Through Distance Educat…
Dr Keithellakpam Bidyalakshmi
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