Health and Healing Practices of the Indigenous Peo…
Edited by Haobijam Vokendro an…
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Socio-Economic and Ecological Significance of Kitc…
Prof (Dr) Ajeya Jha, Prof (Dr)…
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Bamboo Cultivation in North East India (Hardback)
Shatabhisa Sarkar De, Bibhuti …
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Floristic Diversity in Northeast India: Gauging th…
Guptajit Pathak and Sangita Pa…
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The Herbal Wealth of North East India (Hardback)
Edited by Bapan Banik and Mana…
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Fern Flora of Madan Kamdev Hill Region: Kamrup Dis…
Paresh Ch. Kalita and Dipak Ko…
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Wild Edible Plants of Tripura Tribes (Rs 80 + Rs 1…
Paushali Das
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Remember the Name Sikkim: India’s First Organic St…
Jiwan Rai Edited by Dr A J Hig…
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Performance of Agricultural and Horticultural Crop…
Nivetina Laitonjani, Ram Singh…
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Flora of BTAD (Bodoland Territorial Area Districts…
S K Borthakur, D Baro, A Bawri…
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Lichen Flora of Assam
Pooja Gupta and G.P. Sinha
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Man Forest Interface in North East India
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