Plant Hormones: Action and Application
R Ranjan, S S Purohit and V Pr…
Rs 772
Rs 990
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Quality Standards of Indian Medicinal Plants Vol. …
Edited by Neeraj Tandon and Pa…
Rs 1785
Rs 2100
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50 Years of Crop Science Research in India
Edited by R.S. Paroda and K.L.…
Rs 0
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A Celebration of Indian Trees
Ashok S Kothari
Rs 2250
Rs 2500
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A Century of West Himalayan Orchids
H.J. Chowdhery and D.K. Agrawa…
Rs 2025
Rs 2250
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A Checklist of Indian Mosses
Jagdish Lal
Rs 1125
Rs 1250
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A Clear Mirror of Tibetan Medicinal Plants Volume …
Doctor Dawa, Men-Tsee-Khang Ed…
Rs 3500
Rs 3500
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A Colour Handbook on Rainfed Rabi Crops: Protectio…
Reena, Sonika Jamwal, Anil Kum…
Rs 1756
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A Compendium of the Macrolichens from India, Nepal…
Dharani Dhar Awasthi
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