Grapes Cultivation, Diseases and their Management
Harshita Verma and Alka Kushwa…
Rs 2480
Rs 3100
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Canopy Management of Fruits (2nd Revised Edition)
K K Srivastava
Rs 1576
Rs 1995
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Plant Propagation and Nursery Management in Fruit …
M Kumar, C Kavitha and L Pugal…
Rs 2129
Rs 2695
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Tropical Fruit Crops: Improvement, Cultivation, Cr…
A Palanisamy, A Solaimalai, R …
Rs 3630
Rs 4595
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Pests of Fruit Crops
Edited by Nripendra Laskar and…
Rs 3896
Rs 4995
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Mutation Breeding in Fruit Crops
Girish Sharma, Paramjeet Sajwa…
Rs 3350
Rs 4295
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Frost Stress Mitigation in Subtropical Fruit Orcha…
Shashi Kumar Sharma
Rs 1946
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Strawberry Production Economics and Value Chain An…
Shiv Prakash and Debashis Sark…
Rs 672
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Nutritional and Therapeutic Values of Fruits and V…
Kanaya Lal Bhat
Rs 3461
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Genetics Problems and solutions for IAS Examinatio…
R K Ramachandra, B Fakrudin, B…
Rs 2570
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Post-Harvest Management and Value Addition of Frui…
Kartik Pramanik, Chinmaya Jena…
Rs 1813
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Mulberry Cultivation (Reprint, first published in …
R K Patnaik
Rs 1170
Rs 1500
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