Banana and Plantain Cultivation Diseases and their…
Alka Kushwaha and Harshita Ver…
Rs 1920
Rs 2400
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Apricot, Peach/Nectarine: Cultivation, Diseases an…
Muneeshwar Sharma
Rs 3600
Rs 4500
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Green Technologies for Sustainable Development
Prof (Dr) Narendra Sharma, Dr …
Rs 1200
Rs 1500
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Diseases of Field and Horticulture Crops and Their…
Bhagyashree Khamari and Rakesh…
Rs 1971
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Glimpse of Soil Science (2nd Edition)
Eetela Sathyanarayana, Santhos…
Rs 1971
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Entrepreneurship in Small Farm Mechanization
Manoj Kumar Ghosal, Debaraj Be…
Rs 2287
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Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture: Opportunit…
R K Naresh, Pushpendra Kumar, …
Rs 3077
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Molecular Techniques in Crop Improvement
Phundan Singh
Rs 1322
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Drones in Digital Agriculture
K S Subramanian, S Pazhanivela…
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Application of Galvanic Current in Germination and…
K P Biswas, Namrata Basu and A…
Rs 944
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Seed Production Technology of Vegetable, Tuber and…
Pradeepkumar T, Divya K. Leksh…
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Concepts and Principles of Rainfed Agriculture & W…
Prof Mahendra Singh Pal
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