Compendium of Seed Technology (Hardback)
Mukesh Kumar
Rs 1176
Rs 1400
16% off
Osbeckia L. (Melastomataceae) in India (Hardback)
Prashob P and Sibichen M Thoma…
Rs 2221
Rs 2495
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The Oil Palm: A Potential Oil Yielding Palm for In…
P. Rethinam and K L Chadha
Rs 2691
Rs 3495
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Genetic and Natural Resources Towards Food, Energy…
Edited by R K Behl, S Khatodia…
Rs 2050
Rs 2500
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Compendium on Statistics of Pulses
Shanker Lal, Arun Kumar and Re…
Rs 2396
Rs 2995
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Taxonomic Revision of the Lichen Genus Opegrapha S…
Siljo Joseph,‎ G.P. Sinha and …
Rs 2205
Rs 2450
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Dr Usha Jain and Dr Praveen Mo…
Rs 668
Rs 795
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Herbal Resources of India and Nepal
Edited by Sood, S.K. ; Thakur…
Rs 2360
Rs 2950
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World Medicinal Plants for Health and Healing : Em…
William Fox and A R Fox
Rs 1350
Rs 1500
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Useful Indian Herbs : An Ethnobotanical Handbook
Sudha Prakash
Rs 1080
Rs 1200
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Types of Herbs
C.F. Leyel
Rs 585
Rs 650
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Traditional and Folk Herbal Medicine : Recent Rese…
Edited by V.K. Gupta
Rs 2520
Rs 2800
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