Land Use and Bioresource Management for Sustainabl…
Edited by O P Tripathi, S T La…
Rs 2600
Rs 3250
20% off
Biotechnology Core Concepts
Jangra, Jangra, Nehra and Gula…
Rs 2765
Rs 3500
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Indian Bills and Acts in Biotechnology and Microbi…
Dr A B Solunke
Rs 1440
Rs 1800
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Textbook of Agricultural Biotechnology
M Shivaji and M Pandiyan
Rs 876
Rs 995
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Advances in Biotechnology
Edited by Neelu N Nawani, Madh…
Rs 2755
Rs 3095
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Biobased Products: Sustainable Applications
Edited by Dr E Keshamma and Sh…
Rs 2336
Rs 2995
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Biochar Production and its Applications
Ashish Pawar and Arjun S Paul
Rs 1813
Rs 2295
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Biotechnology And Molecular Biology: A Laboratory …
Dr Neelam Yadav
Rs 812
Rs 990
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Modern Principles Of Biotechnology (Fourth Edition…
P C Trivedi and Prashant Singh
Rs 2800
Rs 3500
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Bioremediation: Research and Applications
Edited by Hemen Deka and Rashm…
Rs 1271
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Introduction to Dairy Microbiology
Brier Canon
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Textbook of Green Energy Technologies
S R Kalbande, V M Bhale and Se…
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