Dalit Writings: Emerging Perspectives
Edited by Santosh Gupta and Ba…
Rs 832
Rs 1095
24% off
Participatory Governance and Contestations in Loca…
Anurima Mukherjee Basu
Rs 2146
Rs 2495
14% off
Understanding Marginality: Cultural and Literary P…
Edited by Supriya Agarwal, Neh…
Rs 984
Rs 1295
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Dalit Women: From Exclusion to Integration
Sunita Sharma
Rs 938
Rs 1250
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Caste Politics in India since Independence: A Stud…
Brij Kishore Sharma
Rs 1244
Rs 1595
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Nutritional Status of Scheduled Caste Children
H Sorojini Devi
Rs 498
Rs 600
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Empowering Marginalized Communities in India: The …
Edited by M J Vinod and S Y Su…
Rs 1038
Rs 1250
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Inequality and Poverty
Edited by Jagan Karade and Raj…
Rs 766
Rs 995
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Social Transformation in India: Essays in Honour o…
Edited by Ghanshyam Shah
Rs 1925
Rs 2500
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Dalit Men’s Autobiographies: Convergences and Dive…
Dr Bijender Singh
Rs 1123
Rs 1440
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A Haunting Tragedy: Gender, Caste and Class in the…
Bidyut Mohanty
Rs 1655
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India Exclusion Report, 2019-20
Centre for Equity Studies
Rs 420
Rs 500
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