Human Diversity In North-East India: Bio-Anthropol…
Edited by Sarthak Sengupta and…
Rs 830
Rs 1050
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Reproductive Politics and the Making of Modern Ind…
Mytheli Sreenivas
Rs 735
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Population, Development and Environmental Sustaina…
Edited by Dr Indrajit Roy Chow…
Rs 756
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Demographic Scenario of the North East India
R K Das Choudhury
Rs 1067
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Fertility, Mortality and Demographic Change in Ass…
Dr Nitumoni Saikia
Rs 498
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Spatial Pattern of Population in Rohtas District o…
Abhay Kumar Rakesh
Rs 664
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The Population Myth: Islam, Family Planning and Po…
S Y Quraishi
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Mathematical Demography: A Text and Reference Book…
K N S Yadava and Alok Kumar
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Population Geography (Hardback)
Birendra Kumar
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Population Changes in India
Manzoor Hussain and Nasia Bhat
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Bharat mein Jansankhya Sambandhi Mudde: Badalti Pr…
Krishnamurty Srinivasan
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Grameen Samuday me Jansankhya Niyantran evam Niyoj…
Rajnikant Niraj
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