Child Rights: Special Reference to Child Labour
Navanita Medhi
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Rs 695
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Children and Crime in India: Causes, Narratives an…
Saju Parackal and Rita Panicke…
Rs 1244
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Child Custody in India: A Protracted Litigation
Dr Rabia Gund
Rs 1074
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Generation XL: Tackling and Preventing Childhood O…
Dr Sanjay Borude
Rs 339
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Prevention of Violence Against Children: Challenge…
Debotosh Sinha, Sukumar Pal an…
Rs 714
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Children in Conflict with Law: Efforts to Reform a…
Dr Shubhra Sanyal
Rs 751
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Exploring the Obscurities of Child Marriage in Ass…
Priyanka Patowari, Ratna Huire…
Rs 1200
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The Law Relating to Child in Conflict with Law
Dr Gunjan Srivastava
Rs 864
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Child Labour in India: An Overview of the Causes, …
Dr Sitaram and Dr Bitthal Biss…
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Adolescents & Children Mental Health (Mental Healt…
Edited by Aradhana Shukla and …
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R.O.G. The Secret Service
Bakhshish Singh
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