75 Years of Agricultural and Rural Development in …
Yashvir Singh
Rs 1439
Rs 1845
22% off
Urban Mobility Solutions for Developing Countries:…
Dr M Ramachandran
Rs 2196
Rs 2495
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Prayagraj Ke Slum (Hindi)
Dr Krishna Kumar Yadav
Rs 420
Rs 500
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Contemporary Issues in Rural and Urban Development…
Edited by Dr Neelee K C Lepcha
Rs 747
Rs 900
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Implementation of MGNREGA in Manipur
Dr Kh. Tomba Singh and Dr A S …
Rs 828
Rs 998
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Urban & Regional Planning: A Practical Guide
A K Jain
Rs 3465
Rs 4500
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Rural Livelihood Development in Tripura: An MGNREG…
Debarshi Mukherjee, Rajesh Cha…
Rs 581
Rs 700
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A Textbook on Rural Sociology and Educational Psyc…
S Janani and M A Vennila
Rs 350
Rs 350
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Rural Development in Assam: MGNREGA as a Developme…
Trailokya Deka Bhagirathi Pand…
Rs 581
Rs 700
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Rural Development in Northeast India
Debajit Bhuyan and M K Deb
Rs 588
Rs 700
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India Moving: A History Of Migration
Chinmay Tumbe
Rs 335
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Panchayati Raj and Decentralised Planning: Dimensi…
Parikshit Sahu
Rs 1950
Rs 2500
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