Garo A Bird's-Eye View: Proceedings of the Garo-En…
Edited by Caroline R Marak
Rs 300
Rs 300
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Hill Kharia and Health Care Practices: Perspective…
Suvendu Kundu and Pinak Tarafd…
Rs 988
Rs 1250
21% off
Being Adivasi: Existence, Entitlements, Exclusion
Edited by Abhay Flavian Xaxa a…
Rs 594
Rs 699
15% off
Tribal Education for Community Development: A Stud…
Rudolf C Heredia
Rs 630
Rs 750
16% off
Tribal Displacement and Rehabilitation of Mansi Wa…
Dr Mridula Bairwa
Rs 605
Rs 695
13% off
Janjati Yuva aur Manvadhikar (Tribe Youth And Huma…
Priyanka Chobisa
Rs 591
Rs 695
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Tryst With The Tribes: Tales From Tribal Heartland…
Pravir Krishna
Rs 500
Rs 595
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Tribe, Poverty and Exploitation: Kandhas of Korapu…
Jagannath Rath
Rs 588
Rs 700
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Research Ethics, Indigenous Communities and Fieldw…
Edited by Subir Biswas
Rs 869
Rs 1100
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The Baigas of Sonbhadra
Anabel Benjamin Bara, Vincent …
Rs 285
Rs 300
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Development with Dignity: A Tribal Perspective
Edited by Vincent Ekka, Ranjit…
Rs 935
Rs 1050
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India’s Indigenous Peoples: A Journey of Self-refl…
Edited by Virginius Xaxa, Vinc…
Rs 619
Rs 695
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